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TACT-MAT is a tactical delivery system for visual learners. This innovation has quickly proven to be instrumental in delivering successful training sessions for multiple sports. 

Many athletes are visual or kinesthetic learners, who process information far more effectively when it’s presented using tactile or diagrammatic methods. 

That’s not always easy to do in the field. You can’t fit an entire team around an iPad or app. TACT-MAT is a practical, portable tool to help coaches communicate player roles and game plans to the whole team, quickly and efficiently. Indoor and outdoor, whatever the weather. 

Originally developed for rugby union, we now also offer versions designed for rugby league, football and basketball and continue to add to our range. We can also produce bespoke systems for other sports on request.   

TACT-MAT is perfect for coaching teams, game strategy, tactics, and player placement. It’s a must-have tool for winning teams. If you’d like to know more about it contact us


The TACT-MAT can be used on the field during training.

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New Zealand Secondary Schools team using a customised TACT-MAT.